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Dedication to Direct-trade coffee, empowering farmers to produce high standards through slow fermentation process

Mirco-farm estates produce low carbon impact on the environment over mass-produced low cost coffee that is not only high on caffeine, but low on nutrient fruit content

We believe the well-being of farmers will refine the process of crops leading to added care and clean coffee


Our hot chocolates and Mochas are made from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa plantations

Under this program, cocoa farmers operate with sustainable conditions enhancing the lives of wider communities

Organic single origin chocolate is Vegan and naturally-crafted with no added obscure chemical flavours nor preservatives


We work with local artisans that tell passionate stories about recycling wood species collected from building debris.

Buro continues to collaborate with devoted suppliers that are proud yet humble.  We share their work with our guests who constantly show curiosity and admiration.

Each table top at Buro was salvaged, saved and transformed into artisanal fixtures.  


Going above and beyond LED transformation

Our spaces run on chilled-water air ventilation that are more compact, less noisy, and function with years of durability 

It’s our dedication to clean air flow, a pleasant natural atmosphere, a healthier staff and energized guests


Advanced technical gear leads to precision

The espresso bars are equipped with state-of the art high-tech machines.

Assembled in Holland, the use of German engineering fuel our bars with ultimate efficiency and faster recovery during rush hours.


An-on-going quest to do better, to operate with low waste, low impact,
and best practice hygiene levels. Stainless steel tops resist bacteria.

Our built spaces use natural durable surfaces, a conscious decision that
contribute to the longevity of our interior architecture.

The Buro difference, a careful section process, juicy tasting notes in your cup, long lasting  flavours, and… more joie-de-vivre

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